Pepco’s Monitoring-Based Commissioning Incentive Program


What are Pepco Incentive Programs?

  • Pepco Incentive Programs are funded through the EmPOWER Maryland program, and pay commercial and industrial customers for things that will reduce a buildings annual energy consumption like equipment upgrades, LED lighting retrofits, and tracking adjustments to a building’s operations via Monitoring-Based Commissioning by Datakwip.

What is the EmPOWER Maryland Program?

  • The EmPOWER Maryland program is funded through a tax on your monthly utility bill that is based on your buildings total energy use each month. The more energy you use, the more you pay. The tax can be located on the second page of your bill, under a line item titled “Empower MD Chg”.  The funds are then re-distributed to customers that elect to participate in programs such as Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) by Datakwip.

Do we have to spend any money to get the Monitoring-Based Commissioning rebates?

  • In some cases, there may be up-front costs. With the MBCx program, these are relatively small, and the customer is always provided with the information they need to choose how they would like to proceed at each stage of the program. The goal of MBCx program is to find the most valuable opportunities that require little or no capital investment. At each stage of the program, customers are given an option to cancel without penalty.

What if we’ve already taken advantage of other incentive programs like lighting upgrades?

  • The MBCx program can be performed before, after, or concurrently with other incentive programs. Pepco encourages its customers to participate in as many programs as possible.  Even if you have done lighting and HVAC retrofits in the past, you are still eligible for the MBCx program.

Will this affect our tenants?

  • Building owners are never forced or obligated to implement any particular energy conservation measure.Not in a negative way. One of the additional benefits of the MBCx program is improved tenant comfort monitoring. There would never be a measure implemented that would conflict with your tenant’s leasing requirements.

Will we have to implement every energy saving measure found?

  • Building owners are never forced or obligated to implement any particular energy conservation measure. Additionally, if at any point after a measure is implemented a customer decides it is not feasible or is negatively impacting their buildings operations, they can opt out and simply forgo the incentive payment.

How do I get started?

  • It’s easy! Send us your last thirteen utility bills and your building’s total square footage and we’ll tell you if your building qualifies for MBCx incentives!

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