Value Add Partner

The Power of Partners

Datakwip is unique in a number of ways. One thing that we are very proud of and sets Datakwip apart from many, perhaps most, of our contemporaries is our previous deep roots and rich experiences as BAS Systems Integrators and Energy Services consultants/executives. The Datakwip management team has an intimacy and hands on experience with the systems, equipment, and services our partners work with and offer daily. We understand your value to your customers and we know how we can partner to accentuate that value. The Datakwip Analytics Platform and our business model will maximize our collective partnership to provide world class services to your customers.

Datakwip + Partners

  • Why do you have to learn new software development/configuration tools to use an advanced analytics software platform? You Don’t – We make it easy to work with us and your customer’s data.
  • Do you want customization tools to use yourself? – We have those too.
  • Unique patent pending methodologies that affords our partners to rapidly onboard and scale their customer’s facilities with the Datakwip Analytics Platform.
  • Increase your value add to your customers by maximizing your service dedicated resources – Increase your bandwidth for revenue generating services for your company.
  • You focus on your value generating services – We focus on providing you the means to make valuable and timely data driven decisions via our focus on the Datakwip Analytics Platform.
  • Ongoing retro-tuning and Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) made easy with deep data analysis, real-time alerts and reports – The Datakwip Analytics Platform eliminates end of the month surprises for your customers.
  • The power of the Datakwip Analytics Platform is always advancing – Be a part of our Partner’s community and take advantage of the numerous benefits – Expanded “built environment” solutions.


Discover the most efficient way to decrease your building’s energy spend in while keeping your tenants happy