About Datakwip


To change the way the world views energy


To solve the energy crisis in the built environment through the use of our software, people, and partnerships​

Our Values


We come to work everyday excited to do what we do and bring with us the commitment to get it done.


Every line of effort we pursue is defined by the difference it will make in our customers’ lives.


We see progress and success as one in the same. The end goal is to keep working with our customers to do new and exciting things.


Our personal growth is the key to the continuous improvement of our product and superior results for our customers.


We deliver consistent results to our customers by meeting and exceeding each other’s expectations.


Through mutual respect, we work together as a team to constantly improve our platform and positively impact the environment.

The Datakwip Story

Datakwip was established in 2015 as a consultancy that developed “Smart Building Roadmaps” for medium to large facilities. These Roadmaps laid out technology-driven plans to facilitate radically lower energy consumption.

While the consultancy was well received in the market, customers were unable to get the necessary buy-in from surrounding stakeholders to make recommended improvements. Datakwip knew the value of these improvements could be demonstrated and tracked using the data already collected in typical building automation systems. However, until the Datakwip Platform came to be, this data went largely unseen and underutilized. Existing solutions on the market, such as whole building energy metering/ analytics, IoT sensors, energy bill analytics, and digital energy audits, all lacked the specificity required to drive real change.

By freeing this data and analyzing it in a presentable way, Datakwip gave building owners, property managers and facility engineers a meaningful way to detect, plan, implement, and track energy improvements in their facilities at a cost point and level of depth not seen anywhere else in the market. 

The early software prototype was developed, and in January of 2017, Brett Boyer, joined the Datakwip team and shaped the trajectory of the Datakwip platform with his experience in software development and technical leadership. Shortly after, Josh Desmond joined the team bringing years of experience in sales, operations and leadership in fast growing SaaS environments. The Datakwip software platform quickly established itself as a unique, reliable and innovative way for customers to lower their energy expenses by an average of 15%. 

Today, Datakwip continues to improve and deliver superior energy saving results to its customers. The team has grown to seven driven employees and plans to nearly double in the next few months. The Datakwip platform continues to move forward, constantly improving, with the same purpose and passion to change the way we think about buildings.

Our Team

Cory Perdue

Cory began his career as a building automation system’s integrator at HVAC Concepts in Frederick, MD, working there beginning in 2005. After graduation, Cory rose from his position as an application engineer, to management, eventually making partner, and becoming VP of Technology.  After establishing himself in the industry as a smart facilities expert, Cory left HVAC Concepts to form Datakwip in 2015, which he operates today.  Cory Perdue has served as a Subject Matter Expert on multiple high profile projects including Children’s National Medical Center and NAVFAC’s Smart Grid.

Fun Facts:

  • Cory attended Virginia Tech where he received his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics
  • Cory attended Penn State and received his Master’s in Software Engineering
  • Cory is an avid golfer with a single digit handicap
  • Cory plays several musical instruments and currently teaching himself to play drums
  • In his spare time Cory can be found exploring downtown Frederick with his family
Brett Boyer
Director of Engineering

Brett has spent over 8 years in software development during which he accumulated 6 years of experience in software project management. Brett’s started his career with Northrop Grumman at age 15.  During this time he developed various pieces of software technology while also leading groups of other interns.  During his time at Northrop Grumman, Brett lead a project team to develop solutions that saved $2 million annually by reducing errors in microchip manufacturing processes.

Fun Facts:

  • Brett received his B.S. in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park
  • Brett plays several instruments, the guitar being his favorite
  • Brett is an avid bourbon drinker
  • Brett recently purchased his first house with his fiance
  • In his free time Brett spends time hiking and working on his woodworking projects