About Datakwip


Datakwip helps buildings help people

We believe in treating buildings the way we expect buildings to treat us. People spend 90% of their lives indoors and expect buildings to provide us clean air, comfort, and safety. Datakwip helps its customers’ buildings do this in a way that is both environmentally and financially responsible.


Datakwip animates the inanimate

By giving a voice to the built environment, Datakwip and its clients work in harmony with their facilities. Datakwip’s data driven approach empowers our clients to create a positive impact on our environment.

Our Values


We come to work everyday excited to do what we do and bring with us the commitment to get it done.


Every line of effort we pursue is defined by the difference it will make in our customers’ lives.


We see progress and success as one in the same. The end goal is to keep working with our customers to do new and exciting things.


Our personal growth is the key to the continuous improvement of our product and superior results for our customers.


We deliver consistent results to our customers by meeting and exceeding each other’s expectations.


Through mutual respect, we work together as a team to constantly improve our platform and positively impact the environment.

Our Team

Cory Perdue

Cory began his career as a building automation system’s integrator at HVAC Concepts in Frederick, MD, working there beginning in 2005. While continuing his work with HVAC Concepts, Cory Perdue attended Virginia Tech, graduating in 2009 with his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics. After graduation, Cory rose from his position as an application engineer, to management, eventually making partner, and becoming VP of Technology.

After establishing himself in the industry as a smart facilities expert, Cory left HVAC Concepts to form Datakwip in 2015, which he operates today. Datakwip was created to capture and analyze real-time data from smart facilities. Wanting to expand his institutional knowledge of software systems, Cory attended Penn State and received his Master’s in Software Engineering. Using this knowledge and ten years of experience Cory lead the design and implementation of the first revision of the Datakwip Analytics Platform which uses a variety of database types, streaming data technologies, and big data tools to provide real-time and historical insights to facility stakeholders.

The Datakwip platform helps stakeholders operate their buildings more efficiently while making better decisions regarding green initiatives, capital project planning, and energy acquisition. Cory Perdue has served as a Subject Matter Expert on multiple high profile projects including Children’s National Medical Center and NAVFAC’s Smart Grid.

Josh Desmond
Vice President of Business Development

Josh brings over 15 years of experience in business management, sales, and operations. He has significant experience in fast growing SaaS environments, fundraising and new market penetration.

Josh began his career as a federal law enforcement officer but spent most of his early career as a targeting officer in the intelligence community which included building a professional services company providing intelligence gathering, analytical and targeting services to a variety of companies & organizations. After his time in the intelligence community, Josh transitioned to sales and leadership roles for companies owned by Vista Equity Partners, a leading private equity firm that focuses on investing in software and technology-enabled businesses. After leaving the Vista portfolio companies, Josh worked as the VP of Sales for a publicly traded company providing drone detection and countermeasures worldwide, and most recently led US Sales for a software company providing design technology in the AEC and entertainment industry.

Throughout his career Josh has shown the ability to work with both public and private organizations of all sizes while utilizing his skills in relationship building, collaborative sales efforts, networking, and leadership.

Brett Boyer
Director of Engineering

Brett has spent over 8 years in software development during which he accumulated 6 years of experience in software project management. 

Brett’s engineering career was initiated when he started working for Northrop Grumman at age 15.  During this time he developed various pieces of software technology while also leading groups of other interns.  Brett attended University of Maryland, College Park where he obtained a B.S. in computer science.  Brett continued his career at Northrop Grumman while in college, at which point he lead his own software projects.  These projects had potential savings for the company estimated at over $1 million per year.  These pieces of software were then later filed for patents.  Brett later then left Northrop Grumman to join the start-up Datakwip.  At Datakwip, Brett has lead the development of the Datakwip Platform, building a piece of technology that is leading the smart building industry. 

Brett has been writing code since the age of 13, his experience and passion for developing software gives him the ability to effectively and rapidly innovate the industry’s leading technology.