Pepco MBCx EmPOWER Maryland Program

Datakwip’s ( real time facility analytics platform has become eligible for the Pepco MBCx (Monitoring Based Commissioning) Incentive program.  The program pays $.04/sq foot for an ASHRAE Level 2 Audit, $8,000 towards a MBCx solution and $0.20/kWh saved in the first year for any low/no cost ECMs implemented.  These can be simple fixes like ensuring equipment doesn’t run out of schedule, sequence changes, set point adjustments, preventing simultaneous heating and cooling, and the like.  We see a minimum of 10% savings on our clients’ utility bills, making this incentive program extremely beneficial for our clients.  Datakwip’s platform connects to a clients existing BAS to analyze the data in real time and notify us and our clients of eligible opportunities.  Datakwip provides clients with real time, web accessible dashboards to track and evaluate the effects of these ECMs.  These dashboards can be used for internal analysis, reports for management, or tenant facing lobby displays.  Buildings that do not have a BAS can still participate in the program, as Datakwip can install a simple, wireless sensor infrastructure to capture the relevant data.  Datakwip also handles all of the paperwork required to apply for and capture these incentives.
Pepco is accepting applications for all commercial customers in Maryland (Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties only).  The building must perform below CBECS average or have an energy star score below 50.  If you have a building in mind and you’re not sure, share the last 12 months of utilities bills with us and we can determine if it is eligible.  In order to expedite participation in the incentive program, Datakwip is offering standard pricing to all eligible buildings.  The pricing is as follows:
1)  $0.06/sq ft for the ASHRAE Level 2 Audit ($0.04/sq ft covered by the incentive).
2)  $8,000 implementation fee (all $8,000 covered by the incentive).
3)  $8,000/yr for a three year contract (typically covered by the incentive, as described below).
Let’s do some math…
Assume a 250,000 square foot building, consuming 5,000,000 kWh annually as an example.  If the Datakwip platform saves that building 10% in the first year, that’s 500,000 kWh.  That means an incentive
payout of $100,000.  Of this, Datakwip gives 50% to the client, meaning the client receives $50,000.  This does not include the actual savings on the utility bill which is something like another $65,000 depending on the client’s utility rate.  This brings us to a gross payback $115,000, offsetting the three year cost of $24,000 and the $5,000 ($0.02/sq ft) for the ASHRAE Level 2 Audit for a net ROI of $86,000.  That’s $86,000 back in the client’s pocket and a simple payback period around 3 months.

Maryland MEA C&I Grant

Datakwip is also working on applications for the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA), commercial and industrial grant program.  This program will cover 50% of any costs related to our solution up to $200,000.  We can help customers apply for the program, or for those already applying, MEA values applications that represent “deep retrofits” and the Datakwip platform certainly adds to an application in this regard.  Deadline for MEA grant applications is November 14th.
These incentive programs are great opportunities for Maryland facility owner’s and operators to achieve extremely high ROI with a short payback period.  All of the math aside, we are passionate about helping facilities improve operations, lower operating costs, and increase NOI in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.  For more information, contact our director of business development, Sam Wilson (sam.wilson@datakwip,com) at 301-502-6120.