Waste is an unfortunate, yet constant fact of life. Some degree of waste in unavoidable, but there are simple ways to minimize it. The key is to be aware the waste is occurring, and that’s where the Datakwip platform comes in. Through the power of artificially intelligent machine learning algorithms, Datakwip’s cloud-based, streaming platform monitors your facility in real-time, analyzing thousands of points and tens of thousands of relationships between them to ensure any opportunities to eliminate waste are reported.

As counter intuitive as it may seem, most utility providers want you to use LESS energy. Less energy consumed by their customers means they won’t have to activate or build additional power plants to meet customer demands.

Many utility providers go so far as to pay you to use less energy. In fact, many commercial buildings in Maryland can apply for and receive up to $8,000 up front and $0.20 per kWh saved by implementing an energy analytics solution? *(1)

In the spirit of Datakwip’s mission to automate the energy management process, we have similarly automated the rebate process to make securing utility rebates as effortless as possible. Working directly with utility providers, Datakwip’s platform auto-generates the records required to qualify for rebate distributions.

At Datakwip, we work hard to make energy management easy, deploying the most advanced energy analytics on the market. Your building contains so much data and relationships within those data points that no human could evaluate all of that information to identify all savings opportunities and have time left over to take corrective action. Our cloud based facility portals provide self-customizable dashboards and reports to prioritized savings opportunities, eliminating the time wasted trying to find issues.

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*1 https://cienergyefficiency.pepco.com/Improvement.aspx

Datakwip is artificial intelligence for your building