Consider the long email chains that can arise from a single comfort complaint.  At Datakwip, we’re here to help you optimize your facilities performance, to identify and correct issues before the complaints start rolling in. And with managed alerts, there will be no deluge of emails, just necessary information exactly when you need it.

When it comes to facility maintenance, it’s important that the right information gets to the right people, not everyone in the building. With managed alerts, we work with you to customize who gets notified when an issue is identified, and more importantly, who doesn’t.

We work with your staff to set thresholds, and to ensure the right people receive them based on facility location, staff scheduling, and issue severity. So, you can rest easy knowing your phone won’t blow up in the middle of the night with a dozen emails about a faulty sensor or stuck damper.

Datakwip is artificial intelligence for your building