At Datakwip, we know equipment failure is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it should be unpredictable.

With our predictive maintenance solution, we provide efficiency insights from install to downfall, and every step in between so you can get the most out of your facility’s monitored equipment.

Datakwip’s machine learning platform learns how your equipment operates, providing a clear understanding of what is optimal for a system. This understanding gives Datakwip the knowledge necessary to let you know how long you have before you’ll need to repair or replace monitored equipment.

Take, for instance, that supply fan belt in your 3rd Floor Air Handling unit. We know what CFM the unit was designed to put out given its operating parameters, so if the system determines the duct static pressure is declining overtime at those same parameters, it will flag it to notify the facility staff it’s time to check that belt.

By giving you the information you need to effectively maintain your building, you won’t have to be concerned about unanticipated downtime due to an unforeseen maintenance issue, and repair and replacement can be scheduled to ensure minimal loss of service.

Datakwip’s Predictive Maintenance Solution will enable you to proactively manage your facilities core operational assets to maximize their useful lifespan in a manageable and scalable way.

Datakwip is artificial intelligence for your building