If something as energy intensive as your facilities HVAC equipment is completely out of whack, your going to want to know about it sooner rather than later. That type of information is essential to avoiding unnecessary energy waste, tenant complaints and damage to the equipment.

In most facilities, that insight can be gained on site walks, possibly an alarm buried in a list of hundreds of nuisance alarms in the energy management system, or when you notice a spike in your monthly utility bill.

If something has happened to your equipment that will adversely affect your operations, you’re going to lose time and, by extension, money.

At Datakwip, our streaming energy analytics platform provides real-time reporting, which means you receive the information of a fault in your system or equipment immediately. Datakwip can offer you r information regarding the efficiency of your equipment operations, scored by energy use, cost-per-point-operating, or in relation to downstream equipment that will save you time and frustration.

Datakwip is artificial intelligence for your building