The cost of operating a building is unavoidable. We do our best to keep costs down, such as closing doors and windows, keeping thermostats set at a certain temperature, and making sure we’re up to date on all the energy efficient tools and products available.

Your building contains so much data – numbers that, to the average person, wouldn’t necessarily mean anything. In the right hands those numbers are a goldmine of knowledge that can help you save some significant expenses.

At Datakwip, our experts know that it’s time consuming and a bit of a burden to figure out how to go about saving money through your utility bills. We do the work for you, so you can focus on the tasks at hand and reap the benefits, too.

As a somewhat new technology, the jargon that surrounds analytics can lead to confusion. We eliminate the guesswork by providing clients with a transparent view of how our platform works, the mathematical calculations used to calculate reports and alerts, and the functionality and purpose of the algorithms that produce actionable results.

Datakwip is artificial intelligence for your building