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As building sizes and needs vary across portfolios and industries, Datakwip’s goal is to centralize and activate information through analytics to save client’s time, energy, and money.

Our software aggregates your facilities data– providing you with the information you need to make the right decision at the right time.

Look below to see why Datakwip is the best choice for your facility and energy analytics needs.

Serviced Industries

Commercial Office Buildings

Utility bills should never come as a surprise. If you haven’t evaluated the toll that mechanical systems are taking on your operating costs recently, perhaps it’s time to consider the costs of doing business and whether or not there’s a smarter way to approach what can seem like foregone expenses.

K-12 Education

With Datakwip, building performance capabilities can improve and grow with the help of our integrated platform. Learning the habits of a school district’s buildings, Datakwip can optimize operations to reduce energy use and associated costs.

Higher Education

Universities are filled with students & faculty eager to exchange knowledge. To promote that exchange, you heat, cool, ventilate and light their way to comfort. That process is energy and labor intensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Datakwip is here to show you a better way.

With Datakwip’s cloud based facility analytics platform, Universities will quite literally teach buildings to think for themselves. Our artificially intelligent analytics will alert building engineers and operators on any issues that will adversely effect operating expenses and human comfort.


Hospital systems across the world have embraced analytics to reduce energy use, mainly due to the fact that as a critical facility operating 24/7/365, any operational issues and comfort issues will have a direct impact on their ability to succeed.

The Datakwip solution provides a more advanced method to maintain those operating parameters, applying machine learning algorithms to evaluate a hospital’s equipment in real time. We teach facilities to think for themselves, so the hospitals staff can address issues before they impact operations.

The end result provides a reduction in total energy use between 10% and 30%, by improving and then maintaining the performance of existing equipment, along with a decrease in comfort complaints due to the proactive facility maintenance approach our clients are empowered to deliver.

Data Centers

Equipment failure in a data center can be catastrophic. If the facilities HVAC systems don’t provide adequate cooling, servers will overheat and go offline, costing thousands or possible millions of dollars per hour. With Datakwip’s platform providing real time monitoring of all connected equipment, we can ensure any operational issues are proactively addressed, drastically reducing the possibility of unforeseen equipment failure. 

The Datakwip solution provides an advanced method to maintain operating parameters, applying machine learning algorithms to evaluate a data centers mechanical equipment in real time. We teach data centers to think for themselves, so potential issues can be addressed before they impact operations.

High-Rise Residential

More and more apartment and condominium high-rise buildings are being built each day, with many new high-rise structures incorporating energy efficient mechanical equipment into the buildings design from day one. Although highly efficient equipment has become standard, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going decrease operating expenses over the life span of the building. In fact, unless that equipment is properly monitored and maintained, it will most likely cost owners more over the life span of a facility then less expensive, simpler equipment.

Datakwip’s enterprise solution provides an advanced method to maintain those operating parameters, applying machine learning algorithms to evaluate a buildings equipment in real time. We provide insights that will empower owners to operate their buildings more efficiently, maintaining or recapturing their equipment’s factory designed peak efficiency levels. Those insights, or actionable intelligence, provides building owners with the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over those that see operating expenses as a unavoidable, unmanageable sunk cost.


Industrial buildings are an important part of what makes America great – making and shipping things out that others need on a daily basis. That feel-good moment might be fleeting, however, once you realize how much electricity, water and gas are needed to run that facility.

In the United States alone, the Industrial sector accounts for 33% of the country’s energy use. Datakwip’s enterprise facility analytics platform provides simple ways to lower utility bills through low or no cost measures, by getting more out of every kWh, resulting in a total energy use reduction ranging between 10% and 30%.

The Datakwip platform captures a facilities operating data in real time, and applies predefined machine learning models to the equipment and control systems that are already in place, providing facility operators with the opportunity to reduce operating expenses and extend the life span of their equipment.


For Government clients, from Federal to State and Local Government Agencies, the cost to operate facilities hit’s their budget just like everyone else. You have computers running, HVAC units blowing, lights beaming,  and all of those systems use electricity. You know all of those systems take a sizeable chunk out of your budget. What if we told you there was a way you could reduce the cost of operating all of your HVAC and Lighting equipment with minimal cost and effort?


The telecommunications industry is a vital part of our daily lives. The facilities that make every phone call, every tweet, every internet search possible must stay up and running, 24/7/365. Operational integrity is vital, but what if you didn’t need to spend an arm and a leg to keep that site up and running?

Performance Contracting

Performance Contractors can use Datakwip’s artificially intelligent energy/facility analytics solution to eliminate the manual labor required for project savings M&V, increase the number of savings opportunities identified, and provide a completely transparent and auditable view of the process.

Without the need for on-site data storage hardware, our solution will connect to a facility and provide:

  • Project level measurement and verification, with real time calculations and alerting on prescribed KPIs & implemented ECM’s using the latest DOE M&V guidelines for performance contracting (or whichever guidelines apply to a contract/region/client)
  • Machine Learning based Anomaly Detection
  • Rules based alerting to detect specific operational inefficiencies
  • Archive/Trend all available points and expose via secure API
  • Virtual Metering on a per point basis, aggregated to the equipment and building level
  • Real-time costing on a per point basis, aggregated to the equipment level, building level, or up to an entire portfolio of facilities and assets.
  • Identify ECM’s and calculate ROI + Simple Payback Period