Collaboration in the energy efficiency space is the quickest way for the U.S. to achieve its climate goals. A recent report by the ACEEE (American Council for an Energy- Efficient Economy) states that energy efficiency alone can get the United States to 50% of its climate goals by 2030. With big ambitions and a long road ahead, Datakwip realizes we cannot reach these energy efficiency goals alone.

Datakwip has recently established the Datakwip Partnership Network- created to bring energy efficiency technology and awareness to decision makers in the built environment. Whether you are an energy company looking for a software to add to your portfolio, a real estate company seeking to achieve government mandated regulations, or a consulting firm striving to make a meaningful impact in sustainability efforts, we are actively looking for companies to partner with.

Interested in working together towards the common goal of energy efficiency in the built environment? We would love to hear from you! Join us as we build the legacy of sustainability.