Become an Energy Champion!

with Building Analytics Software that saves 15%+ in energy costs
using the equipment you already own.

What Does Datakwip Do?


Our team helps you connect the Datakwip platform to your existing building technology data, from sources like BAS, IoT, and energy meters. Typically, NO new hardware is required!


Datakwip software listens and watches the data, then quickly identifies the energy thieves in your building.
A prioritized list shows you which changes will make the biggest differences in energy savings.


As you implement the changes recommended, new items will be identified for consideration. You can coordinate with your building automation systems contractor, confident that your choices will save you money.

Datakwip Building Analytics Software Achieves:

1 %
Avg. Energy
Avg. Month's

The foundations of energy management have evolved.

Getting to Net Zero, LEED Certification, renewables, government mandated standards
 and higher Energy Star scores is possible! 

Datakwip lets you see what’s going on in your building’s energy usage,
helps you identify the energy consumption thieves,
and gives you a prioritized plan for cost saving opportunities. 

No Hardware Needed

Cloud based software requires no extra hardware installation

Community Driven

All users have the ability to contribute to the platform development and feedback that benefits the entire community

Energy Costing Service

Know the cost of changes before you make them and prioritize efforts by ROI

Expedient Onboarding and Customization

Quick onboarding process with features tailored specifically to your needs

You can do more with the equipment you already have.
Datakwip is here to help.

Why is Virtual Submetering such a big deal?

By combining your building’s unique data with real-time information collected in the Datakwip Platform, Datakwip provides the world’s only no-hardware virtual submetering solution.

Crush the energy sustainability mandates and change the way you view energy, forever!