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Datakwip doesn’t just provide an industry-leading cloud based analytics platform. We pair our platform with ongoing services to help you get the most out of your data. There is no such thing as a successful, software-only solution in the quest to increase operational efficiency. That is why Datakwip assigns each of its client’s a customer success manager. The customer success manager adds a human touch, helping you to implement plans that capitalize on the opportunities discovered by our platform.

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Openness is Key to the Future of Energy Efficiency

I attended a reverse trade mission event recently, and had the opportunity to speak with foreign delegates representing nations in South America and the Caribbean regarding energy efficiency. Everyone attending was asked to introduce themselves [...]

Datakwip Qualifies for New Maryland State and Utility Incentives

Pepco MBCx EmPOWER Maryland Program Datakwip's (www.datakwip.com) real time facility analytics platform has become eligible for the Pepco MBCx (Monitoring Based Commissioning) Incentive program.  The program pays $.04/sq foot for an ASHRAE Level 2 Audit, [...]

NOI Vs. Asset Valuation Increase

Whether you own a commercial office building, run a data center, manage a hospital, or oversee the operations of a school district, you have a budget and you have operating expenses. Chances are you’ve heard [...]

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