Building the Legacy of Sustainability

Harnessing Data to Drive Efficiency

No Hardware Virtual Submetering
Runtime Reporting
Custom ECM Tracking
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What We Do

Using your new or existing Energy Management, Building Automation, Metering, and IoT infrastructures, Datakwip automatically detects opportunities for energy savings and improvement. Interact with all of your data in real-time through the web-based Datakwip Platform. Datakwip’s software driven, “no / low-cost first” approach ensures immediate improvement and superior return on investment.

Do Better, Always

Join the only Facility Analytics Platform that will never stop improving. At Datakwip, we are committed to continuous improvement. When you bring your building onto the Datakwip platform, your facility is continuously monitored and analyzed against an ever-growing database of new technologies and energy conservation strategies. New visualizations and analytical tools are released on a regular basis.


Free the data from your existing automation, management, and metering systems. Your data becomes future proof in Datakwip’s centralized, open platform.


Find the untapped value in your data. Drive low and no cost energy conservation measures that will radically improve your facilities' performance.


Lowering your facilities’ energy use is the most cost effective path to Net Zero, Renewables, LEED certification, and higher energy star scores.

Facilities Can Tell You What They Need To Be More Efficient

Datakwip Is Here To Translate

Data Driven Energy Management

Datakwip builds on the foundations of energy management by capturing existing data and converting that data into prioritized energy and cost saving opportunities

Customized Reporting

Datakwip provides industry leading reporting capabilities combined with purpose built visualizations for your facility. Use Datakwip’s ECM builder to design and track your own energy conservation measures.

Prioritized Alerts

Datakwip’s unique energy and cost calculation engine means that every alert can be accurately prioritized by power demand, energy consumption, and cost.

Scalable Intelligence

Datakwip’s secure, enterprise grade intelligence platform scales to handle the data from your entire portfolio, down to each individual piece of equipment.

Energy Conservation Measure Detection

Combined with your data, Datakwip uses the latest in efficient building design and operation to automatically recommend ECM’s purpose built to your facility. The Datakwip costing engine provides savings in energy and dollars for every recommendation.

Smart Visualizations

Find what’s most important at a glance. Purpose built visualizations such as the Datakwip Runtime Tracker, Virtual Submetering, and ECM builder give you the intelligence you need.

Open, Secure Data Management

Bringing your data into the Datakwip Platform gives you a secure, future-proof, and open data lake for all of your facility data. Datakwip can securely share data with 3rd party services as well as your existing internal reporting tools and databases.

How We Help

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The Datakwip Process

Data driven Sustainability doesn’t have to be hard

  • Step 1

    Facility Review and Onboarding

    Datakwip will coordinate with you and your contractors to develop a future proof integration plan.

  • Step 2

    Datakwip Platform

    Receive secure access through any modern mobile or desktop browser to the Datakwip Intelligence Platform.

  • Step 3

    Ongoing Service and Support

    Take advantage of training, platform-based operations reviews, and an ever-growing list of new features.

The Datakwip Difference

No Hardware

Datakwip starts by working with what you already have. We specialize in integrating with existing building automation systems, metering systems, IoT systems and other databases. This reduces up front costs while driving additional value from your existing infrastructure.

Virtual Submetering

By combining your building’s unique data with real-time information collected in the Datakwip Platform, Datakwip provides the world’s only no-hardware virtual submetering solution.

Costing Engine

Working with the Virtual Submetering module and your utility rate schedule, Datakwip provides real-time costing for all energy related data, including savings and ROI calculation for automated recommendations.

SaaS Model

Datakwip aligns our pricing with the value we provide. Low barrier to entry, combined with a true SaaS model enables us to fit into any budget. By utilizing a Saas platform, Datakwip customers will receive upgrades to your system when they are released and be able to access your platform anywhere at anytime.

Incentives Experts

Datakwip is the industry leading Monitoring Based Commissioning Platform. We work with your local utility to capture additional rebates and incentives that offset the cost of the Datakwip platform, pay you for lowering your energy use, and increase the ROI for Datakwip recommended improvements.

Reduce Energy Expense

The Department of Energy tells us that the average commercial facility can reduce their energy usage by 30%. Datakwip is the single fastest, most cost efficient path to achieving reduction

Performance Drift

The Department of Energy tells us that the average facility becomes 5% less efficient every year. By monitoring your facility’s performance down to the equipment level, Datakwip prevents this Performance Drift, so you can achieve superior return on your energy related investments.


With more states and cities across the country legislating energy reduction and the use of renewables, reducing your total energy consumption has never been more urgent. Study after study has shown that taking a low / no cost approach to energy reduction is the cost efficient way to a more sustainable operation and a proven path to Net-Zero.

LEED Certification

The Datakwip Platform can help you achieve your LEED certification for both existing buildings and new construction. Points are available for both the planning and implementation phases of the Datakwip Process.

Energy Star

Datakwip’s automated detection of low and no cost energy improvements is the easiest way to raise your energy star score. Many tenants, including the GSA now expect facilities to maintain energy star certification. Improve your score now and maintain it in the future with Datakwip.


Sustainability is a team sport. Operators, Property Managers, Sustainability Engineers, Tenants, and Government need to work together to achieve our common goals. Having actual data from your facility operations allows these various stakeholders to unite around a single source of truth so the conversation shifts away from “What happened?” to “How can we improve?”.

Our Case Studies

See how Datakwip has helped other companies

15+ Year Old EMS Integration

Datakwip integrated its Analytics Platform with a 15+ year-old hybrid Andover Continuum energy management system that utilized both a proprietary communication protocol and BACnet, controlling a 138,000 square foot office building located in Rockville, MD without any hardware installation required.
View Case Study

Tridium Integration

Datakwip integrated its Analytics Platform with a Tridium® Based energy management system controlling a 38 year old, 171,000 square foot office building located in Bethesda, MD without any hardware installation required.
View Case Study

Andover Continuum Integration

Datakwip integrated its Analytics Platform with an Andover Continuum® energy management system that controlled a 54 year old, 297,000 square foot office building located in Hyattsville, MD without any hardware installation required.
View Case Study

We're Dedicated To Your Success.

Datakwip doesn’t just provide an industry-leading cloud based analytics platform. We pair our platform with ongoing services to help you get the most out of your data. There is no such thing as a successful, software-only solution in the quest to increase operational efficiency. That is why Datakwip assigns each of its client’s a customer success manager. The customer success manager adds a human touch, helping you to implement plans that capitalize on the opportunities discovered by our platform

Change the way you manage your energy forever.

Energy expenditures are part of your overall operating expense.  Lower energy use means higher Net Operating Income and stronger Property Valuations.  Datakwip’s real-time monitoring and low / now cost recommendations are the place to start for superior ROI.

The complexities of day to day building operations can make efficient capital planning challenging. Datakwip turns technical, operational data into dollars and cents that you can use.

Increase tenant satisfaction and spend less at the same time. This is the challenge that faces all property managers. Datakwip is the path to happier tenants and a more efficient facility.

You are the unsung hero of sustainability and superior operations, but there are only so many hours in the day. Datakwip puts all of your facilities’ information in one place and helps you and your team focus on what matters.

You are responsible for your company’s environmental impact and advocate for ways to improve it. Datakwip offers the most cost effective and quickest solution for reducing carbon emissions and addressing your company’s sustainability efforts.